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CEO Academy
Wednesday at 9 AM Eastern Time

You’re the competitive advantage. If you don’t keep your professional edge sharply honed, how can you and your company continue to succeed? Who else is going to plan your professional growth for you? Good news! Pam Lassiter, your host on CEO Academy, is your partner and she is here to help you stay ahead of the game.

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Our show addresses your most pressing questions about setting up your success. How do you develop a plan for becoming the CEO? How do you scale your company to international success? How do you negotiate and influence on behalf of yourself and your stakeholders? How do you motivate your employees and the company to follow your leadership? When and how do you shift your leadership style?

Whether you are currently a CEO or are on your way to becoming one, having the right answers to these questions will set you apart as a leader. We’ll cover these topics and others related to your professional growth on your trusted source for career success.

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Current Interviews

Rick Burns

April 19, 2017
Interview with
Rick Burnes
Co-Founder,, CEO, now Partner Emeritus
Charles River Ventures

10 Things CEOs Need to Know
Rick Burnes has supervised some of the most successful CEOs in the US who started their companies with CRV funding. What you don't know yet will soon change.

John Humphtrey

April 12, 2017
Interview with
John Humphrey
Humphrey Enterprises
Humphrey Companies

Scaling Your Company from an Idea to a Global Enterprise
John Humphrey has co-founded seven organizations, taken 2 to global prominence in different industries and had 3 acquired. When and how to scale your company is the focus.

Dr. Vanu Bose

April 5, 2017
Interview with
Dr. Vanu Bose
Vanu, Inc.

Your 5 Step Plan to be CEO
Dr. Bose is connecting the unconnected with broadband coverage around the globe. As the CEO for 20 years, Dr. Bose shares ideas about how to become and remain a competitive leader.

Upcoming Interviews

Dr. Richard Eglen

April 26, 2017
Interview with
Dr. Richard Eglen
Corning Life Sciences

"Why Should Anyone be Led by You?"
Dr. Eglen's oversight of 3000+ employees at Corning incorporates some of Goffee & Jones's qualities for inspirational leaders + best practices he's shaped from start ups to major corporations.

Tom Wilson

May 3, 2017
Interview with
Tom Wilson
CEO The Wilson Group

"What are You Worth as CEO?"
Tom works with boards and top executives nationally to design total compensation plans starting from the top, the CEO, and aligning compensation and reward programs with key drivers of the business.