Lassiter Consulting is a boutique career coaching firm working with companies and senior-level professionals in transition. Whether it’s employee retention and internal growth, outplacement, moving to the next company, or changing your career and life choices to something more meaningful, Lassiter Consulting has approaches that will enable you to reach your goals.

Founded in 1975, Lassiter Consulting is one of the most established career management coaching practices in the country. We not only work with senior-level professionals and executives, we also offer career management services to entire groups within companies. What sets Lassiter Consulting apart from other career coaching firms? Several differentiators make us unique:

  • Over 30 years of senior-level experience. Lassiter Consulting has demonstrated the success of its boutique, customized, highly personalized career coaching service through multiple economic peaks and troughs, so you'll be working with veterans. Responsiveness and personalized service build relationships you can trust for your company and your career.

  • Wall Street Journal editor’s award for the core principles used in career management as described in Pam Lassiter’s The New Job Security.

  • Created the Marketplace Based Approach™ with concepts and strategies founded on product marketing. Professionals “get” this approach that turns career management into more of a strategic process that can be executed upon rather than a “hope” that other parties will provide solutions.

  • Expertise from our affiliates at a better value. We partner with experts in different areas of career management from compensation to graphics, software, communications, law and more to provide you with a broader range of what you need, when you need it – eliminating the fixed overhead that you pay with other firms while increasing your resources..

  • Networking results and resources that provide further career support. Pam Lassiter directed ExecuNet-New England for twelve years, is affiliated with ExecuNet, Careers, WSJ.com and Mastery Works, and has social networking experience, so you’ll have connections.

  • International reach. Lassiter Consulting will travel to your international location to deliver career management services, or, we’ll draw from our worldwide affiliations with qualified career management consultants to speed up your career results.

  • Convenient locations. Lassiter Consulting is where you want us to be in the location and at the times that are convenient to you¸ whether it’s in our Boston offices, in international field sites, or at a location of your, your manager’s or your former employee’s own choosing. Working with Lassiter Consulting via telephone and computer conferences is also an option.

  • Highly customized. We stay boutique-sized on purpose. You get higher quality and high value with turn-on-the-dime career services. Your programs, coaching, and outplacement services will be what you wish for.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. Period.

Lassiter Consulting provides you with a long term relationship you can trust for employee retention, employee career development, coaching and outplacement services… the career management continuum.