Pam LassiterPam Lassiter, author of The New Job Security, a Wall Street Journal award winning book, is principal of Lassiter Consulting, a firm that provides career coaching, transition, and outplacement services to companies and individuals worldwide. As a consultant in career management for over thirty years, Lassiter designs programs, seminars, and training sessions for companies that need to outplace or retain (employee career development or coach) their employees. Her internal career development work enables professionals to grow within their current companies, improving corporate productivity and profitability. Her work with companies and individuals that are facing transition focuses on directing searches of senior level executives towards timely, satisfying conclusions whether it's the next job or retirement with boards and flexible work.

Her clients include Fortune 100 companies as well as small and mid-cap companies looking for outplacement services, employee career training, coaching, or a career expert keynote speaker. She is a coach of global leaders in Harvard Business School's Executive Education programs and develops active retirements or board memberships with clients. Lassiter has worked with national firms such as Right Associates and R.L. Stevens in their individual and group outplacement work, and ExecuNet in helping thousands of professionals improve their career networking. Her strategic alliance with Mastery Works puts the tools that are used by major corporations to retain and develop their high performers at your fingertips.

Lassiter makes appearances on regional and national television and radio programs and speaks on a regular basis to professional groups and national conferences. She has received multiple awards and recognition from professional associations. Her articles, interviews and blogs on career management appear in human resource and business publications including Fast Company, Fortune, The Financial Times, U.S. News & World Report, www.huffingtonpost.com, Bloomberg radio, Financial News Network and CFO.

Her client companies include Agfa, Gillette, BlueCross BlueShield, ITT, Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Getronics, First Data, Polaroid, Roche, Barclays Bank and others in the manufacturing, financial and high tech fields. The services of Lassiter Consulting consistently receive strong evaluations and commendations from employees and management.

Lassiter earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in English/Spanish and her Master's degree from Boston University in psychological counseling with specific graduate coursework in career development and business management.