Going outside of the company for an objective, experienced, discrete coaching relationship between your employee and Lassiter Consulting can change outcomes. We'll help create a "three way street" with you, your designated employee, and Lassiter Consulting to help your people meet coaching goals, timetables, and deliverables. Mission accomplished.

Types of coaching offered by Lassiter Consulting include:
high performance, developmental, pre-assignment.


    There are many scenarios where coaching for your high performers makes sense. Whether it's the CEO with Board relations or employees that have no room for error with negotiating change, a seasoned, discrete advisor makes a difference in results.

    • Senior executives: It is lonely at the top. CEOs and C-level executives benefit from an outside sounding board. This may not be as much about development as it is about objectivity. The outcome of executive coaching can include building results with Boards, employees and customers. Phone and Skype work is available if in-person meetings aren't practical.

    • Valued employees: You want to retain them and make sure that they're engaged and growing when the position above them is not open. Growing inPlace™ is an option that will build loyalty, competencies, and prepare executives and senior-level professionals for future opportunities.

    • New employees: Executive coaching will help them hit the ground running and deliver against their objectives quickly.

    • Pre-assignment: Executive coaching can make first impressions great impressions. Develop employees with additional competencies prior to a new assignment (promotion, ex-pat, different department or office) so they'll have the cultural, political and management skills mastered before they're making long-term impressions.

    Some companies offer executive coaching as a "perk" within their benefits package to attract and retain employees who know that continual growth is not an optional activity.

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    Developmental coaching, which can be for executives or any senior-level employees, makes sense in various situations. You might even need a coach for something minor. Perhaps the communications style of your employee needs tweaking so his/her ideas can be heard by others.

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    On the other hand, a person may need developmental coaching for something major. Your employee may be on an action plan. It's typically cheaper to salvage than sever (by three times the investment). This somewhat harsh line surfaces the value a long standing employee can build in an organization typically in technical and management know-how, as well as in client relationships. If an employee has served an organization well and could continue to contribute if only some skills were enhanced or some approaches were changed, developmental coaching makes sense.

    Lassiter Consulting offers videotaping, 360s, and testing as well as coaching. Finite time frames and specific goals encourage timely results.

    People are typically hired for their functional skills and terminated for their softer skills. Coaching can improve the latter.

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    Pre-departure coaching involves working through the changes facing an employee prior to departure and addressing them systematically. It can involve individual or group coaching either on or off site, and typically has a specific time frame.

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    Perhaps employees are being given some choices ("Should I relocate with the new headquarters? Should I take the buyout or retirement package? How am I going to look for a job when I'm still expected to produce? What am I going to do in retirement?") When the future isn't clear, employees will naturally be spending their psychic energy and time thinking about what's going to be next. Structure that time so it's in the company's as well as the individual's best interests. You can contain the corporate time and money spent on the next phase while being an ethical employer and making sure that you meet the results and the timetables you've set.

    The company will benefit from pre-departure coaching because:

    • Productivity is maintained at a steady level until transition

    • Morale of affected employee(s) and remaining colleagues is improved

    • Knowledge of critical work/history/intellectual property and, most importantly, client relationships is transferred, prior to departure

    • Corporate word of mouth reputation and media coverage are enhanced resulting in reinforcement of the brand and improved recruiting in the future

    • Customers and sales levels are retained

    Knowledge transfer is proving to be a highly critical part of pre-departure coaching. Lassiter Consulting has systems to maximize and retain information as individuals move on while you're maximizing the word-on-the-street about your quality as an employer.

Lassiter Consulting offers several career coaching programs for corporate employees: Career Transition Program, Smart Start, and the Executive Program.
Click here to learn more about these programs.

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I should tell you that the presentation you gave was life-changing for me, and was pivotal in my ability to know how to develop my network. I'm in a good place. Thank you!

HBS alumnae, Greenwich, CT

Helping people live into a new life is a healing art, and one at which you are quite masterful. Thank you for healing me a bit, and helping sustain me in my journey.

Director, major North Carolina private university