• Long-Distance Career Services

    Lassiter Consulting works with major corporations globally that want highly individualized, sophisticated career strategies that benefit both sides. You have the choice of where in the world the services are delivered as well as how: in person, by video conferencing, Skype, etc. If you're coaching or terminating employees in field offices, if you're initiating internal career development programs to increase productivity, or if you're integrating ex-pats who are returning to your corporate headquarters during a time that is often prone to departures, let's talk. You have highly qualified career expertise on call.

    We not only have an international network of highly skilled career management professionals, we also have condensed career programs for employees who only have a brief period of time to spend immersing themselves in planning their future. Your corporate brand and reputation travel widely with these international executives, so make both sides proud with the right coaching and support.

    Ask about our convenient condensed program, which begins with a two-day immersion in career planning to kick-start your campaign, and is then combined with long distance follow up.

  • Trailing Spouse/Partner Relocation

    What's the #2 reason for job offers not being accepted? You guessed it: spouse/partner dissatisfaction. Recruiting the right person for your company is hard enough. The 2nd highest reason that executives turn down offers of employment (after compensation) is discomfort with relocation of the trailing spouse/partner.

    Lassiter Consulting can eliminate objections based on the trailing spouse/partner part of the decision. Our trailing spouse/partner relocation services take into account the spouse's career goals, and allow them to see that there is a future for their own career in their new location. We can help show that the new city and the work will open up choices for the whole family, thereby increasing the likelihood that your job offer will be accepted. Lassiter Consulting works with spouses/partners at all of these levels to make the transition or relocation welcome.

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