When you need to make tough decisions, you have an experienced veteran at your side. Lassiter Consulting will guide you through making the terminations, layoffs and restructurings that are inevitable in business so that respect is maintained, side effects are minimized, and your and your organization's goals are achieved. Lassiter Consulting offers several career transition programs with all essential services, or will tailor one to meet your needs and budget. Ask us for more details about our transition programs.

Providing as smooth of a transition as possible with outplacement services has internal and external ramifications for your business:

You represent the ethical values of your organization

Helping a former employee(s) who has worked for you for years is responsible management. Regardless of the state of the economy…
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…or whether or not the employee has gone through outplacement services before, the rules of career transition have changed since the last time. Let them leave as you would want to leave a company yourself, with respect. You may be working with them in some capacity in the future.

You minimize legal consequences

We can have conversations with employees that you can't. Former employees who work with Lassiter Consulting know that actions against employers…
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…can affect their current searches. It's much easier for an objective, third party to help an angry employee move on to the future than for the company to do so. Whether you'd like to be careful with terminating an employee in a sensitive position or need to defend your decision with expert testimony, Lassiter Consulting's services diffuse tension and provide resolution…quickly.

You improve internal morale

The least visible and most powerful reason for outplacement services is to stabilize and improve the morale of those left behind. Employees (often called "survivors,") want to know…
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…that their former colleague has been treated fairly. There's a latent fear that they could be affected as well, so outplacement goes a long way to demonstrate a company's commitment during a time when continuing productivity is important.

You reinforce the company's brand and reputation

Former employees can either damage your company's reputation or report fair treatment to their networks when they are terminated or outplaced. The internet adds to the intensity.
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You have a choice during your planning. Being perceived as a responsible employer to the public and to your markets is part of your reputation. When your customers and future employees research your company, make sure they hear good things about how you treat people. Keeping and even building a positive reputation during cutbacks is wiser than trying to change a negative one.

You facilitate future recruitment

Word travels. Professional recruiters report that it is much easier to recruit…
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…and retain high performers for companies that treat their employees well and that have good reputations. Now, social media spread corporate reputations instantly. Treating terminated employees with dignity and helping them with outplacement services contributes to your long term brand and results.

You reduce costs and increase value

The cost of outplacement services is consistently offset by the expenses that are avoided, such as…
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…the ones above, as well as potential severance savings. Lassiter Consulting's unique structure of core career management expertise with a virtual team of over 20 subject experts results in your outplacement costs being based only what you need; you're not covering someone else's fixed overhead. You can't top the experience and quality for the value.

If you're looking for confidence in your choice, ethics, trust in delivery, discretion and a successful track record in your outplacement services, we should talk. You can get back to your work knowing that you've created value for your company and for your former employee.

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About Lassiter Consulting

As part of my transition program, I met with eight outplacement firms last week. I needed a firm that I could trust, get help with developing a plan, and quickly implement. Lassiter Consulting is the best choice. Pam excelled in her grasp of my situation and differentiated herself from the other firms.

Finance Director, health insurer