It's time. When you want to work differently, either combining different types of work or packaging what you enjoy doing differently, in a less structured format, let's talk. Work can vary in at least three different parameters: content, time, or location. Lassiter Consulting will explore these with you along with your goals, the skills that you'd like to put to work, and marketplace needs to create a plan and the best paths to pursue.

Warning: flexible work options aren't always easy to find. Companies do not post help wanted ads for "meaningful part-time work for experienced professional. Well-paying and intellectually stimulating content and colleagues." How you approach companies to get the flexibility you want is critical. Lassiter Consulting has over 30 years of experience in the type of job creation approaches and strategies that will make you successful in creating flexible work where and when you want it.

Click below for some of the flexible work options we can discuss with you:

Other options are available as well.

Negotiating with companies to reach win-win agreements to allow flexible work is included in your service. The elusive work-life balance isn't so elusive after all.