Why settle for openings that are publicly posted when you can create a job doing work that you love that fits your goals? As described in Lassiter's The New Job Security, job creation is one of the five best strategies in long and short term career management. If you're interested in finding work in a competitive environment, not to mention work that's flexible, it's essential. Period. It's not about what help wanted ads you can find at any given moment because everyone else is chasing them, too. Your competition is over the top, and the postings are rarely at your level with the flexibility and content you are seeking.

Based on "problems to be solved," which are infinite, rather than job openings, which are finite, creating your own job results in work that aligns what you want to do with what a company needs to have done. From entry-level to CEO, job creation works. It's amazing how organizations can find the resources when they realize that a proposal is in their best interests. You need to lead them through the thinking, however. After coaching thousands of professionals in job creation that has successfully carried them through recessions, re-entry, and enrichment in their current work and into an active retirement, we have a way of looking at work and managing it that will put you in charge of your career planning portfolio for life. Ask us how job creation will allow you to create the flexible work you want.