Regardless of the reason that you're contemplating returning to the workforce, congratulations. You're thinking about it and getting a plan…the first steps. We offer coaching and programs to get you where you'd like to go.

Lassiter Consulting has been working with women re-entering the workforce for years. As the only non-Harvard Business School faculty member teaching the Harvard Business School program, Charting Your Course™, an internationally recognized program for women re-entering the workforce, Pam Lassiter has developed and delivered successful programs to women from around the world. We will also create programs for groups or will tailor an individual program that integrates your goals with the type of work that you'd like to be doing.

Many people re-entering the workforce need flexibility. We'll work with you not only to negotiate the flexibility you need, but also to help you gain the confidence during your job search to present yourself (and the gap) in the strongest way possible. Re-entering the workforce feels like a big step, especially if you've been away for a few years. Take advantage of our experience with this transition to find what you're looking for.