• Corporate pre-retirement programs.

    Does your company have a pre-retirement program that you've found helpful with your planning? Why was it helpful and what are you doing now? If you're a company representative, why did you decide to introduce the program?

  • Corporate programs that allow flexible work.

    Whether they've been unsuccessful (names are confidential) or successful, we'd like to hear from companies that have decided to introduce programs that allow flexibility of time, place or content of work to be done, how you made the decision to introduce the changes, and the results.

  • Retirees.

    In conjunction with an economist, we're building stories of people who are earning incomes that are to your satisfaction post-retirement. Share your story with us!

Include your contact information so we can contact you. You or your company may well appear in publications, journalists may be referred to you, or you will receive a complimentary copy of The New Job Security as a "thank you," when requested.