When you need to make decisions about laying off groups, departments, or entire divisions or companies during consolidation, group workshops may be appropriate. You are recognizing the contributions that these employees have made and giving them direction for the future while staying within your cost goals. Lassiter Consulting offers:

  • Training of your managers in how to have difficult conversations about layoffs and terminations

  • On-site support during notifications to talk with affected employees as well as telephone support afterwards.

  • One to two day workshops where the fundamentals of career search, self assessment, job market dynamics and networking are defined and practiced

  • Resumé design and review

  • Proprietary materials and Career Transition Workbook

  • Copies of The New Job Security

  • Interviewing and negotiating practice

Additional services may be contracted for separately such as Internet training and individual follow up after the seminar. Describe what you would like for your employees and we will design a program to meet your needs. These employees are your corporate image and reputation going into the marketplace. Let them represent you well.