Is now the time for Career Transition Services? If you’re considering a new job or a whole career change, yes. The rules have changed since the last time you looked for a job. The time-to- market is precious -- you don't change your career or look for a new job often, so you want to get it right the first time.

Lassiter Consulting’s Career Transition Service is a soup-to-nuts approach that gives you the best structure and process for finding meaningful work. As a boutique career counseling firm with successful proprietary approaches based on over 30 years in career management, we offer clients more sophisticated ways of thinking about work, defining what you want so that it meets your goals, then getting it. You meet privately with the Principal and/or highly experienced consultants trained in Lassiter Consulting’s marketplace-based approach at our Boston offices or at a location of your convenience.

From initial strategy through job offers and on-going career management, you’ll learn how to turn a maze into a landing strip.

“But I’ve never had to look for a job before,” mid-career professionals often comment. Whether you’re new to the market or a veteran, you’ll learn approaches that will let you create the work you want, not just react. “Pinballing,” awaiting the inquiry of a recruiter or a colleague about approved openings, is too passive for you. Responding to multiple on-line job openings is too ineffective. Use our proprietary approach that will work now and throughout your career. Satisfaction is the reward.

The Career Transition Services You'll Receive from Lassiter Consulting

You'll work with your own career expert throughout the process to design and execute a customized plan to achieve your goals. Some of the essential components will be its structure, unique strategies, and resources:


Career transition services with Lassiter Consulting include all of the areas that you'll need to move on and manage your own career:

  • Career focus and direction

  • Assessment, testing

  • Industry targeting

  • Mounting an organized campaign

  • Resume development using Lassiter Consulting's proprietary approach

  • Research to identify companies in your target markets

  • Networking training and strategy

  • Channel management: managing search firms, job postings, social networks, professional groups

  • Interviewing, videotaping

  • Negotiating strategies

  • On-going campaign support

  • Long term career planning strategy

Mastering these phases of career management will put you in control for now and the future.

Unique Strategies

Waiting for the right job opening, then hoping that you get it, can be demoralizing and a dead end.

Lassiter Consulting's unique strategies integrate over 30 years of analyzing marketplace trends and needs to result in a career management process that turns ideas into job offers. Who are your markets? What are their needs? How do you present yourself in their terms? Examining yourself like a new product on the marketplace and answering these questions as a beginning for your strategic planning and communications will differentiate you from others. Employers pay attention.

Doors open. Conversations start. Resumes are read. Results spring from the initial strategies. Get them right before you take those make-it-or-break-it trips to the well.

Expert Career Resources

You'll have top priority access to the consulting expertise you need, when you need it. Not only do you have after-hours service when needed, a senior consultant will quickly and expertly answer any questions that pop up during your job-search campaign. Want to practice a question on videotape that you're not sure that you handled well in a job interview? Want some specialized research? What's the best counter-offer in a negotiation? Need a quick, expert opinion? You've got it. Lassiter Consulting's team of diversified experts puts resources at your fingertips.

For executive campaigns where the largest search firms, consulting assignments, boards of directors, the venture community, business ownership, and writing or speaking might be options, you'll be guided by the right expertise and the right approaches.

Results: Long-term Career Satisfaction

Lassiter Consulting clients report that their careers are enhanced for the long term as a result of the skills that they learned during their transition. Your relationship with Lassiter Consulting continues even after you "land" the work that you want, not ending after a finite number of months. Your satisfaction is the objective. You're encouraged to keep in touch for career needs throughout your career.

With the right structure, strategies and resources, the choices will be yours.

Give us a call. We'll design a career transition process to get you the results you want. You'll end up with work you choose rather than work you settle for.

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Your strategy of setting up a call with the CEO worked. I got the job offer that I wanted! It's a stepping stone into great things.

GM, telecom company

It was your market-based approach that got me in the door…and I continue to use it from the inside to be known as a contributing player. Thanks for being in my corner!

Project Manager, major financial institution, Boston