Coaching, or specific, targeted consulting to address career goals within time parameters, can eliminate bottlenecks during a campaign, springboard you forward while you're in your job, or create flexible work alternatives when you have multiple goals. We individually design career coaching programs for professionals and executives.

Give Lassiter Consulting a call when:

  • You're confidentially evaluating your options.

    You want to test the waters outside of your company but want to remain actively employed in the interim. Can you find work that you prefer? How do you find time? How do you gracefully leave one for the other while maintaining income streams? A career coach can help you come to the right conclusions.

  • You're leaving your company.
    1. You have been given outplacement funding and can choose the company you want,

    2. you have been assigned an outplacement firm but prefer more personalized service and may ask them to substitute Lassiter Consulting for the same/better price, or

    3. you invest in yourself and retain Lassiter Consulting as you would a financial planner, setting a plan then working or adapting it throughout your career to reach your goals.

  • You want to grow within your company.

    You have a place of employment with long term potential and want to grow within it. You

    1. are a senior leader and need an external, objective perspective that you can trust,

    2. want confidential coaching on ways to leapfrog your reputation and performance faster than the norm, or

    3. have a team that you want to retain and grow using the best internal career development practices. Whether it's Growing in Place™ or choosing one of the eight different ways to grow in a company, Lassiter Consulting has the process to get you there.

      With the resources of a best-in-class internal career development firm alliance, Lassiter Consulting puts career coaching programs in place that enable you to become a star.

  • You're considering changing what you do.

    Change can come all of the way from, "I don't like my work, but I'm not sure what makes sense next," to re-entering after a break, to an internal promotion or assignment, to an active retirement. When, "What makes sense to do next?" is the question, career coaching is the answer. You want to make sure that the next direction is the right one.

    Testing and assessments may be appropriate, as well as in-depth analysis of preferences, goals, and the marketplace. A career coach can serve as a confidential, experienced advisor who has "been there, done that," and will enable you to identify the right paths and make the change with minimum interruption and maximum satisfaction.

Contact Lassiter Consulting to learn how our career coaching services can help you move in the right direction.

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Thanks for your friendship, trust, and continuing support of my career. You have touched my life in a meaningful way and I am better for it!

VP Sales, computer company, Dallas

Don't hesitate to use me as a reference. I would never have successfully negotiated myself into a VP slot without your guidance and direction.

VP, wireless tech co, Philadelphia