Why do CEOs, Board members, and C level executives choose Lassiter Consulting, often after experiencing services from other firms?

  • Award winning, published author on career management (Editor's Choice, Wall Street Journal's career site) hence a recognized, integrated system for career management for the long term.

  • Unique, sophisticated, proprietary approach for senior level executives that they recognize as being more effective for their level than traditional, standardized approaches with one-size-fits-all.

  • International client base. Will travel to your international or domestic office/city for individualized program.

  • You work directly with the Principal and thought leader, Pam Lassiter, rather than with an employee who does not typically practice the principles of developing and closing on offers.

  • Strong relationships with organizations that are appropriate for senior level executives (Big Five Search Firms, executive interim management firms, companies that need executives for consulting work, universities, venture capital firms, etc.).

  • Strong networking relationships through Lassiter Consulting alumni and ExecuNet, a nationwide organization for executives in transition. Originated and directed the Senior Executive Roundtable, structured networking sessions for executives with compensation over $200K.

  • Highly personalized. Clients have 24 x 7 access to a consultant, as needed. The relationship continues as long as the client chooses, including after achieving their work goals, for long term career management.

  • Convenience. If you prefer locations to meet other than Lassiter Consulting offices, whether near home, office, over the internet or phone, Lassiter Consulting is there.

  • Experienced in creating flexible work options other than full time employment including consulting, business ownership, writing, teaching, and Boards of Directors. (See Corporate Director Program.)

  • Directs a network of highly qualified experts to assist executives in transition including testing and assessment, software, administrative, graphics, financial, IT, and research professionals, experts that are more qualified and diversified than a traditional outplacement firm is able to offer.

  • Has more experience at a senior level than other professionals (over 30 years) along with a proprietary, nationally recognized system of developing work at the highest levels.

It's the on-going coaching during the process that makes the difference.

Senior executives need a different level of expertise from a consultant managing their career campaigns than is often found. How to approach venture capital firms, the most prestigious search firms, Boards of Directors, and networks all vary and need to be handled correctly the first time. There is often just one "trip to the well." Lassiter Consulting has a reputation and track record of coaching executives in the most strategic ways to make these "trips" so you bring back options, in all senses of the word.

Examples of customization that Lassiter Consulting has provided to eliminate the bottlenecks in campaigns speak for themselves: sending computer experts to your home to set up your PC for the job search; providing memberships in relevant professional associations; finding child care for a last minute interview; consulting on immediate needs during nights and weekends; membership in ExecuNet for senior level job listings; unlimited access to appropriate levels of networking meetings, etc.

We are there when you need us with what you need.

Full program clients get top priority in access to the consulting expertise you need when you need it. Not only do you have night and weekend access when needed, you also have those questions that pop up during a campaign that you call or e-mail in answered quickly and expertly by a senior consultant. Want to practice a question on videotape that you're not sure that you handled well in an interview? Want some specialized research? Need a quick, expert opinion? You've got it.

Lassiter Consulting clients report that their careers are enhanced for the long term as a result of the skills that they learned during their transition. The relationship of Career Transition Program clients with Lassiter Consulting continues even after you "land" the work that you want. Services are not ended after a finite number of months. Your satisfaction is the objective. Clients are encouraged to keep in touch for career needs throughout their careers.

Finding fulfilling, satisfying work that continues to challenge and engage you during your career and even into an active retirement is your and our goal. With the right structure, strategy and information and access, the choices will be yours.

Talk with Lassiter Consulting today about our Career Transition Program.