Need a speaker and a topic that will engage and energize all of your audience? Managing your career for meaningful work and life choices is an area that appeals to all, and Lassiter Consulting is recognized as a thought leader in the field. Your group will have an entertaining, well researched and customized program that gets them involved. They'll leave with career strategies that enable them and your organization to start growing today.

Click here for information about having Pam Lassiter as an expert speaker for your conference, training program, or business meeting.

Topics include:

  • The New Job Security

    5 Strategies for Career Control

  • Stepping it Up

    Define your Reputation, add in your Goals, and Get an Action Plan!

  • Growing in Place

    Continuing to Grow You and Your Company within your Current Work

  • Building Internal Networks for External Success

    Breaking out of Silos for Breakthrough Results

  • And Now What?

    Not Retiring in Retirement

  • Shifting Your Career to Achieve Work and Life Goals

    Re-Packaging at Mid-Career

Additional topics are available upon request. Keynotes can be customized to association's or organization's needs including roles for members of your group, pre-work and/or follow up that start and continue the learning.

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