Career training programs are highly interactive sessions where participants develop new skills, test them, have assignments, and leave with a different perspective and action plan on how to strategically reach goals.

  • Employee Career Development/ Retention Programs Click for more information on Outplacement

    Retaining and Growing High Performers

  • Outplacement Seminars Click for more information on Outplacement

    Making a Successful Transition when Leaving Your Company

  • Next Steps

    Re-integrating and Rejuvenating Employees Post Restructuring

  • Creating Work you Love in ANY Economy

    Surprise! There's Work Everywhere.

  • Communicating so Others can Hear and Change

    Nudging Outcomes in Your Favor

  • I'm Back!

    Re-entry Program for Returning to Work

  • Operating your Elevator

    Elevator Stories that Showcase You and Your Organization

  • Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes

    Vocabulary + WIFFMs = $

  • Presentation Skills Training

    Strategies and Videotaping

  • Networks that Leap Tall Buildings for You

    It's Not about Collecting Cards

  • Job Security or Job Change? What's in your Future?

    Models of Success You Can Create


Talk to Lassiter Consulting about your training goals. We'll design what you need within your budget and time constraints. Pre and post work, assessment tools, videotaping, targeted coaching and multiple options can be tailored to create the outcomes you're seeking. Your training will build competencies and influence corporate outcomes

Contact us to learn more.

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