Lassiter Consulting offers career development webinars. See our Career Development Training Programs for a list of topics, or ask us to develop a custom webinar for you. Webinars will allow you to reach a broader audience at more frequent intervals for a lower cost. Offering career management training increases competitiveness of both your employees and company.

  • Growing in Place

    Continuing to Grow You and Your Company within your Current Work

  • Building Internal Networks for External Success

    Breaking out of Silos for Breakthrough Results

  • And Now What?

    Not Retiring in Retirement

  • Internal Career Development/ Retention Programs

    Retaining and Growing High Performers

  • Next Steps

    Re-integrating and Rejuvenating Employees Post Restructuring

  • Communicating so Others can Hear and Change

    Nudging Outcomes in Your Favor

  • Operating your Elevator

    Elevator Stories that Showcase You and Your Organization

  • Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes

    Vocabulary + WIFFMs = $

  • Building Your Reputation

    Your reputation is within your control. Grow it!


Talk to Lassiter Consulting about customizing internal career development webinar s that work for you. Internal career development creates external success.

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